Colour Photocopiers Become the Norm in Most Businesses

Many of our customers in Sydney and Australia wide are upgrading to colour photocopiers for their office.

With recent advances of technology in office machines, it is now extremely likely that you will see colour photocopiers in the place of black and white photocopiers in many workplaces.

Colour photocopiers used to be much slower, but, with recent improvements, some professional colour photocopiers can reach speeds of up to 50ppm.

Colour photocopiers are quickly becoming the standard in workplaces, as people are able to produce high quality photocopies with high resolutions at very fast speeds.

Now that colour photocopiers have dropped in price and also started incorporating printing and scanning in the same device, businesses can now can now purchase a colour photocopier and printer in one device that doesn't cost the earth, meaning that businesses are often now using colour photocopiers on an everyday basis.

Having colour photocopiers in your office instead of a black and white photocopier has several advantages. It has been shown that colour copies of documents can improve business communications as these do far more to capture people's attention than black and white versions.

Replacing a black and white photocopier with a colour photocopier will also mean that far more printing can be done in house, which is likely to be more cost effective than outsourcing the colour photocopies.

It wasn't very long ago when colour photocopiers could not produce high quality black and white copies, which deterred many people.

Colour photocopiers can now also efficiently produce black and white photocopies, which mean that, although the initial outlay can be high, the colour photocopier has the potential to meet all of a businesses needs so is likely to pay for itself in the first few years.

Workplaces no longer have to settle for either a black and white or a colour photocopier now that these photocopiers can do both jobs very efficiently.

Technology found in photocopiers is improving rapidly and costs are dropping. Sharp colour and Xerox colour photocopiers are the best performing machines. Less than ten years ago it would have seemed extravagant to purchase a colour photocopier for a small or medium business, however, now that the colour photocopiers are digital, matching speeds of black and white photocopiers, it is no longer seen as a luxury that only some of the very large businesses can afford.

Similar to the way colour televisions have now replaced black and white versions, it seems it will be in the very near future when colour photocopiers have completely replaced black and white photocopiers.