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Folding A4 and A3 letters, brochures and other collateral by hand is a tedious, time-consuming endeavour. Investing in a direct mail marketing strategy, for instance, without any form of automation is doomed to strain your resources and may also be a big waste of precious time. If you buy a paper folding machine you can work smarter and achieve spectacular results.


Does your office send hardcopies of invoices to clients? It makes sense that if you can forward your bills in bulk quickly, then you should see a better financial return sooner. Couple this efficiency with opportunities to upsell other services and products that you offer, and you have yourself an amazing machine that not only adds value to your company but also maximises your return on investment by helping you generate new leads.


At Sydney Office Equipment, we supply the technology you need to maintain an agile and competitive workplace. You can buy paper folding machines in a variety of styles and sizes. Depending on the paper folding model that you choose, these brilliant machines can operate at fast speeds, some of which can be loaded during use and can also be programmed for more complicated tasks when you need multiple inserts in a mailer.


We stock a diverse range of mail sorting products. If you would like to buy paper folding machines for your office or would like to learn more about our other products, please get in touch with us to discuss.


Address Printers

Improve the open rate of your marketing correspondence with an impressive, personalised design. Our range of address printers allows you to print barcodes and affix labels for that professional finish.

We also supply letter openers, postage meters and more. Some of the main brands that we stock include:

  • Dahle
  • Franco TypPostalia
  • Martin Yale
  • Ozfold
  • Pitney Bowes
  • Superfax


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Buy paper folding machines from Sydney Office Equipment today. For more information about our products and services, call (02) 9899 5333 or contact us online.