How to Choose a Paper Folding Machine

Unless you're already an expert on paper folding machines, you're probably looking for a little advice when it comes to selecting the right variety for your home or business. This article outlines some key things to look for when purchasing just the right paper folding machine.
First and foremost, think about the sizes of paper you will need to fold. Paper folding machines come in a range of sizes, so you should have no problem finding one to fit the size of documents you will be folding most.

Secondly, consider the type of fold you would like your paper folding machine to make. Tri-folds, half-folds, and a-z folds are very common, and you will not have a problem finding a good machine to make these folds for you. Some machines will also perform right angle folds, gate-folds and church-folds. If you need a paper folding machine that can do specialty and customized folds, do not purchase a low-end machine, as you probably will not be satisfied with its output.

For some businesses, one fold just isn't enough. If you need a machine that can make multiple folds, be sure you look into how manageable the process is for setting up the machine. Some equipment (especially the lower-priced folding machines) are difficult to change from one pattern to another. If you know you will be using a lot of different configurations, you should look into a machine that offers digital fold plate adjustment. If that is not an option, machines that have the fold plate set up at a ninety degree angle to the paper's path are easier to manage than other types requiring more adjustments and attention to detail during fold change and set up.

Another factor to think about is the thickness and type of paper you need to fold. The majority of cheaper paper folding machines (those retailing for under $5000) experience some problems when folding heavier weights of paper (like index stock or cardstock) unless it is pre-scored. Additionally, these lower end paper folders will also mishandle slick finish or glossy paper. You can forward a sample of your paper to have it tested on various machines to see which will provide the best fold for your paper weight and finish.
Simply put, people who know they will be folding a few hundred pieces of paper per month should not be looking at the same paper folding machines as those who will be folding a few thousand. Those who fold more paper need a better quality machine. Investing in the right product can mean the difference between productivity and frustration.

Try not to think cheap when it's time to invest in a paper folding machine. You should buy the best paper folder you can instead of trying to get away with something as inexpensive as possible. A quality paper folder (such as those manufactured by Ozfold, Intimus, Martin Yale, and Dahle) can be an important investment in your business by saving you time, money, and headaches.