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Colour A4, A3, A1, AO, printers, Multifunction Photocopiers, Laser printers and Large Format A1, AO plan printers.
Question: Most commonly asked question by our service customers. I know you service and supply most manufacturer brands on the market, and you know our requirements, so what is the best machine for us?

Sydney Office Equipment rates all colour products on reliability, purchase price, operating cost and spare parts availability.

Answer: Depending on each customer™s print volume, the companies we have listed as best buys offer the best overall package.

Of course other models in the product range of the Kyocera, Samsung, Xerox and Canon will suit customers with larger or smaller volume print requirements.

All machines are rated by Sydney Office first and foremost on œin field Performance. After all there is not much point having a Rolls Royce car if you carn™t change the tyre easily.

The general rule of thumb with regards to operation cost is that the higher the volume and price = the lower the operating cost.

Sydney Office Equipment can and does supply most machines on today™s market, however we always recommend the best overall package in the first instance.

Medium volume: Buyers Guide for medium volume customers

(1) Best Multifunction A4, colour machine = Samsung CLX-8380ND $4,999 + GST

(2) Best Multifunction A3, A4 colour machine = Kyocera KM-C2525E + GST

(3) Best A3, Colour Laser Printer = Xerox 3055 $2,500 + GST

(4) Best A4, Colour Laser Printer = Kyocera FS-C5015N $899 + GST

(5) Best A1 (17 inch) Colour Plan Printer = Canon IPF-610 $2,550 = GST, (24) Canon IPF-610 $3,800 + GST, (36 INCH) $4,800.00 + GST.

For additional information on any product simply email: OR Ring our Sales Desk on (02) 9899-5333.

Remember that all colour products use black, cyan,mageta, yellow toner or ink. When you have done your research and are ready to purchase from Sydney Office Equipment or indeed another company - STOP - for just one minute and make sure you have thought out the true operating cost of the product.

We have 12 technicians and 8 of them are busy all day five days a week responding to service calls for products that we did not even supply. If every customer that purchased elsewhere was happy with their existing service provider we would not need 12 technicians.

One Stop Shopping for your office equipment products and toners is our one of our main strengths.

When you come to Sydney Office Equipment, you don™t simply shop; you are able to make an informed decision for your BENEFIT not ours.

CONSUMABLES: Here we have the problem of non genuine toner. We encourage customers to remember that when they purchased their existing equipment they were aware of the cost of the toner.

When at a later date they receive phones calls from œsuppliers of toner quoting prices at 50% off it is in every instance Non Genuine Toner. Using non genuine toner will eventually damage your printer and cause substantial cost for repairs.

This advice if free and without persuasion from manufacturers. Buy genuine!

Does Sydney office EQUIPMENT SELL NON GENUINE TONER? Yes WE DO, BUT - AT LEAST WE TELL YOU THE RISKS. Machine faults will sooner or later occur.

At the end of the Day it is the customer™s choice, we do not presume to force our customers to purchase original products, and with our advice you can at least make an informed decision.

If in doubt Ring our SALES DESK : (02) 9899-5333