Shake - Shake Shake -- YOUR TONER!!

Although the technology of office equipment has changed the SECRET to reliable efficient office equipment operation, and therefore your office efficiency are summarised by a few simple procedures.

Over the last several weeks we have several customers throughout Sydney that have had to spend their hard earned money from $154.00 to $1,750.00) to rectify problems with their office equipment. In each instance the œcost to our customer could have been avoided.

Cut the following points out of this newsletter (put them on or near your photocopier) and it will save you time, money and huge amounts of Frustration.

ALWAYS Shake, Shake, Shake, your toner cartridge before putting it in your machine.
Otherwise it will not deed into the developer basin , clog up the developer tank and stop your machine working.

Do not use recycled paper in your photocopier. It is fine for your laser printers BUT Photocopier heat units operate at 120C and it will jam. Plus it gives off a lot of paper dust.

Have your photocopier serviced every 10,000 copies (15-20 ppm machines) and every 20,000 copies for 25 plus ppm machines.

Don™t leave the lid up as the florescence lights will eventually damage the drum unit.

Always keep a spare toner in your cupboard stock. It™s Friday and you need an important document copied and you are out of toner!

Don™t use compatible toner.

We always advise our customers of the above points when we install any machine, however, as we all know time marches on and we can easily forget.

We value every customer and that is why we are continually sending our information updates - FREE. The ZERO frustration and down time it will save, will allow you to have one less daily problem to deal with. Our Sydney service department is getting busier and busier and that™s no problem for us, we simply employ another technician.

If we can avoid coming to your office and charging you for a service call, we will. We have noted a sharp increase in the number of service calls in the last two months. Many customers are telling us they want to get the most out of their office equipment, as it just is not the right time to buy new machines.

We have had excellent feedback from our newsletter and we have appreciated the comments that they have saved our customers money hence a happy customer.

We are customers too, and the suppliers that give us the benefit of their experience are the ones we do the most business with.

Well at least you have some reliable information and maybe you will give our office an opportunity the next time you want some good advice.. Whether you are in Sydney or anywhere around Australia, we can assist you.

Of course companies are sometimes in a position where they simply have to upgrade, because their old machine has reached the end of it™s economic life - That™s a nice way is saying it has died.

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