Still Folding by Hand?

Free up your time and money with these efficient machines.
By Pam Sheppard

Since the invention of paper in the first century A.D., people have been folding paper into various shapes. In the sixth century, the Japanese made an art of paper folding and called it origami.

Skip forward to the 21st century and paper folding is much more than an art form”it's a necessity.

Every week, offices across the country print millions of bulletins, programs, and newsletters. And guess what? These documents all need to be folded before handing them for postage or marketing Distribution.

The cost of a phone call or email enquiry may improve yourt office efficiency and Save you money.

How does your staff meet its document deadlines? Do they rely on other staff to help? or will they consider a 21st-century solution”a paper-folding machine?

Many businesses are today choosing the automated solution over manual labor by purchasing a paper-folding machine.

The advantage of a folding machine is that paper gets folded quickly”hundreds or thousands of sheets per hour”and precisely. If you've never owned a paper-folding machine, you might not know where to start in looking for one.

Sydney office Equipment is here to help.
"Administrators should look for machine flexibility, ease of setup and operation, cost, durability, and service availability when shopping for paper-folding machines," says Charles McNeil, marketing director at Ozfold, an industry leader in the design, engineering, sales, and support of paper-processing equipment.

Friction-Feed Paper Folders
The most commonly used paper-folding machine is the friction-feed paper folder, which uses a roller to pull a sheet of paper into the machine, and folds it .

These folders, which can process paper up to 17 inches in length and perform a variety of folds, are user friendly, inexpensive, and durable.

"Because of their simple operation, office administrators are able to focus their attention on other tasks and projects while the machine is running," says McNeill.

Office administrators will not have to seek out multiple staff to assist as [the folding machine] requires a single operator."
According to McNeill, businesses will save money by doing everything in-house with their paper-folding machine versus outsourcing the work. "Outsourcing is more costly and has a longer turn-around time," he says.

The Martin Yale 7400 at $665.00 will fold up to 4,000 sheets of A4 paper per hour. Small offices regularly choose the 7400 See this machine on :

The investment will pay for itself when compared to the time and money spent manually folding each printed piece.

The most popular Machine for Offices is the Ozfold DLA4 Paper Folding Machine Value added folding machine, a great product at a great price, $1,400.00 Specifications: Paper Size A4; Paper Weight 70 To 100 GSM; Speed 140 Sheets Per Min; Capacity 140 Sheets Block Feed; Dimensions 400 x 340 x 250mm.

The investment will pay for itself when compared to the time and money spent manually folding each printed piece. See this machine on:

"We have sourced the most user-friendly operator interfaces to enable our folder-inserter machines to be operated by anyone with minimal training," says Ewbank. "Operating an Ozfold or Martin Yale is as simple as loading the documents and pressing 'go. œ

Many offices are now employing the efficiency created by the Ozfold and Martin Yale folding machines combined with the Intimus shredding machine.

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