The Death of the photocopiers we knew when most of us grew up

The Death of the photocopiers we knew, when most of us grew up.

The last 3 years has seen the death of the traditional photocopier œ Now œ it is all Multifunction.

Our office services and supplies most brands on the market. We regularly assess the best performing machines and pass that information onto you for FREE. Of course we would like you to purchase your products form our office, BUT if you don™t?

Well at least you have some reliable information and maybe you will give our office an opportunity the next time. Whether you are in Sydney or anywhere around Australia, we can assist you.

Most of our customers want a multifunction photocopier with the ability to print, scan and fax.

1/ Sharp Photocopiers: A3, A4, scan in colour - the best machine without a doubt is the Sharp Photocopier in the 16 to 20 copy per minute range. Low maintenance but high running cost compared to the Kyocera photocopiers but if you want to scan in colour, this is the machine for you. Have a look at the Sharp photocopiers for your office, ARM-162 and AR-M207, view them on our website.

2/ Kyocera Photocopiers: A3, A4, mono scan (black and white) nothing comes close to the low operating cost of this product. Kyocera have long been a world leader in laser printers and have made their printers into photocopiers. Hence the low down time and low running costs.

If you don™t need to scan in colour for a 16 20 copy per minute machine then the Kyocera KM-1650 and KM-2050 are the best machines available in Australia.

3/ Samsung Photocopiers: A4 only not A3, multifunction equipment but they work like crazy. At $4,999.00, the machine is a great buy, with scan, print in colour, duplex copying and printing, and fax. This may not be the machine for you if you need A3, copying. But isn™t it worth asking yourself, exactly how much A3 printing and photocopying does our office do?

If you realise that A3 printing and photocopying is not that important as most of your work is done on A4 pages, then you carn™t go past the new release Samsung CLK 8380ND Colour machine for your office. It even prints and copies in colour.

The customers lament
Why does the thing breakdown at the worst possible moment?

Answer: Because in 90% of instances where our technicians attend a service call on a product that we have not supplied the machine has not had REGULAR service.

Now let™s be fair, it isn™t always the other office equipment companies fault, in some instances, the customer has simply run the machine until it stops, unexpectedly.

No matter what product you buy or rent, and this also applies to existing products, regular service will double the life of the product. We do not mean spending money on unnecessary service, just service in accordance to the manufacturers guide.

Would you buy a new car and not have it serviced regularly, we know you wouldn™t.

Spend a little on your service and SAVE a lot.

Question: Ask yourself, does my photocopier need more service than my laser printer?

Answer: You bet it does, a printer has very few moving parts, whereas a photocopier has 8 times the number of moving parts a printer does.

Poor Quality toner for multifunction products and laser printers.
Be wary if the price sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Our three Sydney offices have experienced at œspike (which seems to be the buzz word at the moment) in service calls, paper and supplies sales. Service and supplies sales have actually increased in the last 8 weeks. Our customers tell us that they are looking closely at capital purchases and want to get the best life out of their existing products.

Office equipment can be the œAchilles heel of any office, unless photocopiers, printers and facsimiles are serviced correctly and customer is aware they should use the correct supplies.

This advice if free and without persuasion from manufacturers. Buy genuine!

Does Sydney Office Equipment sell non genuine toner? Yes WE DO, BUT - AT LEAST WE TELL YOU THE RISKS. Machine faults will sooner or later occur.

Our office makes far less profit on a genuine toner cartridge than Non genuine toners yet we encourage our customers to only buy Genuine toner not compatible toner.

This in not for the manufacturers benefit it is for your benefit our customer.

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