Office Paper Shredders Maintain Your Office Confidentiality

Our business secrets are often critical to our businesses. I don't know about you, but I would hate it if my competitors got hold of my sketches and plans for the next steps of my business and my assessments of how my business if doing right now. Properly disposing the papers on which such details are mentioned is critical to a business.

If you are in the habit of disposing your office papers in your waste paper basket and hoping that you have securely got rid of your document, then it is high time that you came out of your shell and understand exactly how bad the reality might be. It is practically mandatory to shred your papers if you really want to be secure. Using office shredders is what can ensure high-quality shredding of papers. Sydney Office Equipment supplies office paper shredder in Sydney.

Office paper shredders are available in more than one model. There are heavy-duty, medium and light-duty models available in the market. Depending upon the bulk of documents that you want to dispose, you would decide the paper shredder that would be the best for you. There are strip-cut shredders that cut your paper into strips. It is not too hard to reconstruct the document and read back the content from a strip cut, so you would want to use these shredders only if your office documents are not that critical or you are sure that you are not being ever watched by any competitor.

If that is not the case then you would want to use crosscut shredders. The best office shredders are cross cut, since the better ones can cut the papers literally into thousands of pieces. This practically turns the paper into dust. As a result, reconstruction of the papers is impossible.
Using paper shredders can thus help you maintain office security. If you really value your security, it is recommendable to use your own office paper shredder.

A small business needs more than just a small home style crosscut paper shredder []. Since offices go through much more paper than most home users, office managers need to look into an office paper shredder that will handle the larger volumes. Sydney Office Equipment supplies shredders for all requirements and office sizes, Home Paper Shredders, Office Paper Shredders, Heavy Duty Paper shredders.

Home Paper Shredders
Home Shredders are low volume shredders. They are light duty machines and can handle only a low quantity of papers. Most of these equipments are light in weight and you can move them from one room to another without much trouble. Attractive designs and colours are available and can easily match any of your home or office environments.

Home Shredders come in both strip-cut and cross-cut models that can shred unwanted documents the way you want. It is recommended that you get one of these machines because leakage of confidential information such as those from personal credit card bills, medical records, legal documents or personal information can be a nuisance or might even lead to severe financial issues if some third party gets hold of them.

Office Paper Shredders
These shredders are designed to handle mid volume shredding that occurs in places such as offices. As compared to home shredders, office shredders are larger, faster and can work for a long period each time because of the motors inside the machine. To protect a company's privacy and increase its security level, the suggested way is to get an office shredder to cut up and destroy confidential documents, sensitive information or contracts.

In addition, these machines are available in strip-cut or cross cut models too. You can choose to shred papers into ribbon-like strips using the strip-cut equipment or reduce paper into confetti-like scraps using the cross-cut model for greater security. Suppose your company deals a lot with private and confidential stuff and will have to handle much shredding every now and then, it is recommended that you get a heavy duty paper shredder instead of the office kind.

Heavy Duty Paper Shredders
This machine is appropriate for medium or large offices with heavy paper volume everyday. It can be fed an average of 30 sheets and is able to work for a long period each time it is operated. Heavy duty paper shredders cut up the papers in strip-cut or cross-cut methods at a very fast speed. Industrial paper shredders are also classified under this category.
They are mainly used for cutting up extremely high volumes of papers and the average amount that can be fed into the machine range from 100 to 400 pieces at a time. Some other types of shredding machines include the cardboard shredder and the CD shredder. These machines can be purchased if your company has to dispose large quantities of boxes or confidential CDs respectively.