Wide Functionality Wide Format Printers

Added 26th February 2019

If you are currently considering purchasing a wide format printer there are probably the obvious reasons as to why you want to make this investment, however you may still be on the fence about this decision because of the initial high costs. The following may help you think outside the box a little and give you additional ideas about why it might be useful to have a wide format printer in your office.

First, wide format printers are perfect for making large scale event displays. If your company ever participates in any type of trade show or convention where you have to set up a visual booth for patrons to look at, having a large colorful visual display can be a great way to generate attention. Using a wide format printer would enable you to easily customize each event display for any specific location or theme.

Second, wide format printers are great for producing one-of-a-kind banners. If your firm has any type of store front where potential customers or clients might visit, hanging a banner informing the public about the functions of your company or any special promotions you have going on can be a great way to create traffic to your business. If you don't have a store front, hanging banners inside the office pertaining to any employee activities or special events may be a great way to boost employee moral.

Additionally, if your business does have a store front, wide format printers can also be used to help make any point-of-purchase displays or any retail window displays. Point-of-purchase displays are important to any retail business offering any promotional specials or deals and to drive sales. Retail window displays can take many forms, posters or banners can be options, but backlit displays are unique and are sure to get your window recognition. With all of the different types of paper material available for wide format printers to use, there are a variety of different creative methods that can be applied to any sign or poster.

Wide format printers can help to make business presentations or pitches look more professional or client tailored. The main manufacturers of wide format printers are KIP, OKI, CANON, OCE, KYOCERA, RICOH and HP.  When choosing a printer, we advise you do your homework and speak with Sydney Office Equipment in Sydney sydneyofficeequipment.com.au to  ensure you have the information to enable you to make an informed decision on the best Wide Format for your Business. Large visuals can help gain client attention, and having the ability to tailor the message to the specific client on the visual is great way to impress any potential or current client. Furthermore, if there are any visuals or photos that you would like to include in your presentation but seem too small to have an effect, wide format printers can be used to help print enlargements of all of these images and get them noticed by the client.

Enlarging other visuals, such as potential print ads to be placed in magazines or news papers, can help tremendously in proofing. Because wide format printers can enlarge almost any image, they can help to proof images, ads, etc. that are up for review. Viewing such material in a large format can help draw any attention to minor flaws that may have been missed under any other editing circumstances.

There are many types of paper rolls out there to help you achieve each and every one of these possible functions, Bright White Paper or low cost bond paper for everyday black and color line drawings. There is also paper that can handle high density ink coverage for posters and signs that need to be laminated or mounted and must dry quickly;  No matter what the brand, you will find paper that yields your printing goals. KIP, OKI,  CANON, OCE, KYOCERA, RICOH, HP, are the main manufacturers of Wide Format Printers.