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Konica Minolta

Konica Minolta

Excels in the Field of Optical Imaging

This corporation is also known for advanced software solution, digital imaging systems and scanning systems for specialized applications, such as x-rays and sonograms. The award-winning line of bizhub multifunction products offers unmatched advances in quality, network integration and security.

The corporation offers printers for the office, using multifunction capabilities to fill all the needs of any standard workplace. These printers have a broad range of functions, such as scanning, faxing and collating. They are cost-effective with low sound and high quality output. The Magicolor line from Konica Minolta offers printers that can hold as few as 200 sheets up to 3500 sheets at one time. Larger offices that have large volumes printed regularly would have several options, focusing on their present needs.

Available in color or monochrome, the bizhub printer line from Konica Minolta features a variety of office friendly automatic tasks, handling over 150,000 prints monthly. The powerful networking functions allow for excellent communications and exceptional imaging transference. The pagepro line from a company known for larger printers targets small and home offices. These monochrome only printers offer several options to meet the needs of any small office.
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