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Kyocera Mita

When you look at Kyocera's product range it will be immediately apparent that they have printing down to a tee; Kyocera specialise in low cost printing. All companies who use printers must be aware that printer operating costs can vary hugely from printer to printer and print job to print job. It is important for every company and individual looking to buy, that in its lifetime the cost of running a laser printer will cost several times more than the original purchase price of the printer. This makes printer selection even more important, they continue, and assessing your print usage an extremely cost effective step in the process of printer selection. This is termed as the Total Cost Of Ownership

Kyocera have a long standing dedication to producing environmentally sound printers with very low carbon emissions; 10 years ago they came up with the ECOSYS concept :

ECOSYS stands for ECOlogy, ECOnomy and SYStem and demonstrates Kyocera Mita's commitment to developing a solution that is environmentally responsible, economic to run and at the forefront of technology. All Kyocera Mita printers have a long life drum and developer, which means that when the toner runs out that's all you replace, in a clean and easy to install cassette. This makes the total cost of ownership (TCO) of Kyocera Mita printers up to three times cheaper than competitors.

Kyocera Printers therefore appear to have, not only a very sensual product name, but a fantastic range of printers, covering cost-effective colour printing across a network for differing print volumes, sizes, formats and resolutions, but they have cornered the market in terms of green printing and sustainability.

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