Why Office Photocopiers Should Not Be Put Aside

Unfortunately, in the early 21st century there are still many businesses in Australia that do not count with the right level and standard of office equipment. This problem often becomes more obvious when a company suddenly grows or reduces in size, perhaps through a merger with another company or through staff layoffs or readjustments.

Apart from the actual computers workstations and desks, a busy office often suffers when a low quality, used or an inadequate office A3 Photocopier, Folding machines and shredders have been installed. Many Logistics manager rely heavily on this often and overlook this quality of these important pieces of office equipment, but when a photocopier breaks down, as it usually occurs, office copier comparisons come right to the mind.

In the following lines we mention some of the best types of office photocopiers available in the market according to the type of office and work your workers realize.

- Laser copiers: Just imagine how smoothly your office admin would run if a central photocopying system was in place to help you take care of all document production and management. The new generation of Sharp, Kyocera and Samsung laser copiers has now been designed to do exactly this, and can now provide highly advanced web based document management systems.

Multifunction machines that copy, print, scan and faxes are very reliable and efficient.
This technology also has the advantage of being easy to learn and handle, with the majority offering excellent operating systems and straight forward user interfaces. Many come with an optional finisher which offers the ultimate document production system at the heart of your busy office. The new meets here with the old stuff as both digital and hard copy documents can be reproduced with ease and finished with a real professional touch.

- A1, AO, A2, Large format copiers: When looking for an "overweight" of office photocopiers, we recommend a system that is effective whether it is used by a group of different users or one main bulk photocopier. Large format photocopiers can satisfy everybody‚ĄĘs demands in terms of output quality as well as offering a range of professional finishing possibilities at the same time.
Keep this in mind: When a large volume of photocopying is expected, choose one that is designed for easy maintenance and superior reliability.

Paper Folding Machines and Shredders

Sydney Office Equipment, supplies all of the major Brands, including, Dale, Intimus, Fellowes, Martin Yale and Ozfold.

The finish of a project is an essential part of any document, presentation or collateral piece, but few people consider folding an important aspect of finishing. However, a proper fold can give your project a professional, crisp look to match the rest of your document. The best way to get the perfect fold is to find a paper-folding machine that meets your needs and those of your business.

Automated letter and paper folders can not only save a great deal of time, but can give the perfect finish to flyers, bills, bulletins, insert ads and brochures, among many other projects. Automatic paper folders use pre-set, push-button folds contained in a memory chip.

Because of this, you can choose a fold and paper size with the touch of a button. Manual folders are also an option, with setscrews that can be used to adjust to the proper fold and sheet size.
The majority of paper folders will fold a letter size sheet into one of several popular fold-types: letter fold, gatefold, a-z fold, half fold, engineering fold and double parallel fold. Paper folders can be used in commercial operations, small businesses, banks, schools and churches. If one of the popular, standard folds doesn't meet your needs, make sure you choose a higher-end folder with an override mechanism, so you can customize the fold to your requirements.

Set-up is also an important consideration. If your projects change from folding pattern to folding pattern, the best folder would be one that has digital plate adjustment as a feature - or at least a folder with a plate preset with a 90 degree angle to the paper's path. This way, your projects run smoother with less set up time and less monitoring.
Once you understand your folding needs, and you're ready to make your purchase, you can find selections in a variety of retail locations. You can try a retail superstore, for basic machines at low prices, but they may not have the selection, quality or knowledge you are looking for. Buying directly from a manufacturer is also another option. This option generally provides a great deal of product knowledge, but if they actually sell directly, they only sell one brand of equipment - theirs. One of the best options is an online retailer with a big selection,

knowledge of a variety of products, and available maintenance plans.
No matter where you purchase your folder, however, make sure to find a retailer who will back up their sale and be available to answer questions and help you through any difficult situations.

A paper folder can be an excellent option for document and collateral finishing and one that can save time and trouble. So take the time to do the research involved to make the right decision - on the folder, and the retailer you need.