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Paper Shredder

Paper Shredder

Features to Look for in when choosing a Paper Shredders

When searching for a new paper shredder there are a number of features that you should consider to help you find the right shredder for your needs.
These are The Cut: Paper shredders shred the paper in one of two ways:

1. Strip cut is a straight cut that will chop your paper up and feed it out the other side of the shredder in spaghetti-like strips. The strip cut shredders are also known as spaghetti or straight cut shredders, and they are the most common type.

2. Cross cut will chop the paper up both horizontally and vertically, and will feed the paper into the bin in small, confetti-like pieces of paper.

Strip cut shredders are the easiest to find, and they usually require little maintenance. They are easy to use, and are guaranteed to chop the paper into thin strips. Consider a straight cut shredder when you are simply shredding mildly important documents. The paper that comes out the other side is hard to reduce in volume, and it can be a hassle to take out the waste more often.

Crosscut shredders don't have the problem with large amounts of waste, as the tiny squares of paper are easy to compress and dispose of. A cross cut shredder is the best home paper shredder for anyone who has to shred a host of very important or sensitive documents, but they tend to be more expensive.

Volume and Capacity: The volume of paper that the best home paper shredder can usually handle is up to 1000 sheets of paper per day, but the average household usually only requires 400 or less sheets of paper per day. You should try to find a shredder that can chew up at least 6 or 8 sheets of paper at a time, as those that only chew up one or two take a lot longer to shred through a stack of papers.

Throat: The width of the throat, where you feed the paper into the shredder, can be an important factor. The average home paper shredder has a throat that is able to handle the average 8-inch wide letter paper, but some have narrower throats that require you fold all the papers before shredding them. This can be inconvenient if you have to shred a lot of paper regularly, but is not an issue if you only need to shred credit cards, receipts, ATM or bank statements, or envelopes.

Extras: There are a number of features that come with the paper shredder, and the best home paper shredder tends to have a number of extras on it that make it the best choice. The auto-start/stop is excellent to ensure that the shredder isn't working ceaselessly, and the light that informs you of a paper jam is helpful to let you know what the problem is. It is often useful to have a button that can reverse the feed of the paper, which helps you to free jammed paper and clear any obstructions from the shredder.
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