14/10/2020 – Will a Paper Shredder be quiet enough in my office?


This is the most asked question when a customer is looking to buy a paper shredder. There is a shredder for everyone, for your office, for home or for your corporate office. Sydney Office Equipment supply and service Intimus, Gold Sovereign, Martin Yale, Kobra, Dale, Fellows, Ledah, with noise levels ranging between 55db to 66db


You can order these shredders from our online store, however I strongly advise that you speak to one of our product specialists on 02-9899 5333 before placing your order, this will ensure that you are ordering the best paper shredder for your office.


For security and best shred, cross cut shredders are the best solution. Be sure to order a bottle of oil as well, because the cutters require oiling after 4 waste bins have been used. The second most asked question is where the shredders are manufactured. The answer is Germany, Italy, China, which leads us to always recommend the Intimus and Kobra shredders as they are manufactured in Germany and Italy and have noise levels of 55db They use metal manufacture/parts and most models have a continuous duty cycle and Lifetime warranty on the shaft/cutters, however the shredders made in China do not have continuous duty cycles or lifetime warranty.


The Intimus Pro 60 cross cut office is popular with many offices.

Having advised you of the above the next question is price, which is where the shredders manufactured in China compete very well with Intimus and Kobra.


20/09/2020 - Do you want the lowest toner cost colour Multifunction Photocopier possible?


Well the answer is the new A4, Oki Executive Series ES5473 Colour Multifunction Photocopier. How they do it I don’t know but the toner cost for 6,500 black prints is just $75.00 which make it the lowest running cost by far for an A4 Multifunction printer. It has the copy, print, scan, email, fax functions, plus, the Oki ES5473 has Three Year on Site, parts and labour warranty.

The print resolution on the Oki ES5473 is excellent at 1200 x 1200dpi and a print speed of 30 pages per minute and the A3 model, the Colour ES87473 Multifunction Photocopier is also 1200 x 1200dpi.

Our National service program ensures that even if you are in another state, region or town, your machine can still be serviced under warranty. It is important to note that you must register your warranty online at the time of purchase.

The trap many fall into is that they look at the purchase price of a multifunction printer but do not consider the ongoing running (toner) cost. Remember that once you buy a cheap machine you are stuck for years with high running costs. If you are printing every day, then it would be well worth enquiring about the Oki ES5473MFP.



14/09/2020 - Laminators can benefit every Office


Hi Again everyone, this blog is about Laminators because we have been getting many enquiries for them in the last few months, so I thought it best to share some information that you may find useful.

Many people have heard of Laminating machines but don’t know anything about them, so what is a laminating machine? This equipment is used for the sole purpose of providing protection for important documents and keepsakes. But not only that laminating machines ensure that documents and mementos are well preserved, they also protect those things that are important to you from being crumpled or damaged by ants, water, or fire.

First, there are basically two types of laminators, Pouch Laminators and Roll Laminators.

Laminators have proven to be such a good investment, either you'd like to start a business or you will just use the machine for personal use in which case the Gold Sovereign A4 Action is a good product to have a look at . These machines are great in protecting items, in addition to the preservation of a lot of different mementos.

Pouch Laminators: One of the most common types of household or small business laminating machines is the pouch laminator. This type of laminating machine is highly effective without being pricey. With a pouch laminator, you use plastic lamination pouches which are sealed on the short or long edge. The pouch is coated with film and this film sticks to the paper you are laminating when exposed to heat. The pouch gets rolled through the laminating machine on a set of pressurized, heated rollers.

Roll Laminators: A heated roll laminator uses heated rollers to melt glue on to lamination film, which is then applied to paper or card by the rollers. The use of rollers means that the adhesive spreads better, minimizing the risk of tiny air bubbles inside the laminate.

Roll laminators can come in large sizes and are used frequently in the print industry, to laminate posters, magazines, postcards, and books. This type of laminator is quick to use and roll laminators are found in plenty of homes, offices, and schools.



10/09/2020 - What should you look for when you need a new Multifunction Photocopier or Printer?

In these times of COVID our customers all want to decrease their operating costs. Our job is to help you achieve that outcome. Take the example of your office printer or multifunction device, the two critical things for you are the service reliability and efficiency and the operating cost. One is no good without the other.

Our business is the supply and service of your office equipment and by doing it efficiently your machine will have very little downtime and your output will be high quality. All of this will save your office time and money as your printer will keep working well and it will be something you do not have to even think about, as it will just keep on working.

When you are looking to upgrade your old machine, it would be well worth your while to look closely at one of our Fully Remanufactured A3 Colour Multifunction Devices. For example, a new machine “out of the box” will cost you $9,000.00 whereas a Fully Remanufactured Fuji Xerox DocuCentre V C2263, A3 Colour Multifunction will cost you $4,500.00, you will achieve a 50% reduction on your purchase Price, isn’t that worth thinking about?

In the first instance you may think that you may be buying someone else’s problem with a second-hand machine, however that is where our Fully Remanufactured machines are different. We have supplied them as new machines as COD or on rental. We have maintained them since new on a service agreement and when they are returned to our office each machine is stripped down and all parts relating to copy quality are replaced with new parts.

You may ask how long our office service will the machine for. The answer is that every Fully Remanufactured machine we supply can be covered by a Five-Year Service Agreement, that is all onsite service calls, including all parts and all labour.



07/09/2020 - Canon Wide Format Printers


Once again Canon makes the list with the NEW RELEASE Wide Format Printers.

Many professional companies desire or require the use of wide format printers. The good news is that there are hundreds upon hundreds of models and types to choose from.

When it comes to the best rated wide format printers available to professionals today, you should consider these printers presented below. Here are three of Canons new wide format printers, considered by consumers to be the best rated wide format printers available today.

“ NEW “ Canon imagePROGRAF 4100, 44” Wide Format Printer: Canon is one of the most recognized names in printing therefore it is not a surprise that a Canon wide format printer appears on our list in the form of the Canon imagePROGRAF 4100 wide printer 44" inch printer. If you are looking for the latest technology and highest color wide printer available at an affordable price, then you can't go wrong with the Canon imagePROGRAF 4100. It features the following specifications: a 12-color pigment ink system, automatic switching from ink types and colours, “Hot Spot ink tanks, which avoids downtime during continuous printing.” The Nozzle configuration of 1,536 per colour gives the best print quality of any printer on today’s market


“NEW “Canon IPF-TA30:  36" 5 Colour Graphics Large Format Printer with Stand. The IPF-TA-30 Allows you to Minimise media and ink costs with versatile borderless printing. The IPF-TA30 HAS advanced multi-sensor technology ensures highly accurate borderless printing on any roll size – even when the roll width and print size do not match. Ink costs are also optimised, with a 55ml ink tank for stunning quality at lower print volume.

“NEW “Canon IPFTM-300LEIMFP – 36” MULTIFUNCTION, 5 colour Graphics large printer format with stand and LEI Scanner. The imagePROGRAF TM-300 is 60% quieter and can unobtrusively fit into any working environment. Even on plain paper, the full pigment Lucia TD ink system produces exceptional print quality, and continuous printing boosts output productivity.



25/08/2020: Brother Printers


As far as printer brands go, brother printers is one of the oldest and most respected brands out there. Over the years Brother has continued to stay a major player in the printer business by coming up with new innovative technology. No matter what brand of printer you choose, though, it's important that you're clear about what you need if for, what functions it has to have and how much you're willing to pay.

There are several types of Brother printers in the market and they have a good number of good machines to offer to purchasers of printers. Brother industries distribute its products both under its own name and under other companies that they are in agreement with. It is a company that manufactures both printers and other type of machinery such as computer printers, fax machines, sewing machines, electronic typewriters, knitting machines, multifunction centers and domestic appliances. The following are types of printers that the company has to offer to its consumers.

There are color laser printers that are really what you need for office color printing. This printer is quite easy to use, it is reliable making it an even better choice for your office and the output quality of this product is remarkable. Its memory is expandable meaning it grows with your business. The paper input capacity is also expandable and so is the storage and you may also add a duplex unit if you choose to.

Brother printers are undeniably included in the impressive roster of the most reliable printer brands. Brother is a well-known name in the home and business computing device industry, manufacturing top-class printers with a taste for quality and performance. Their printers last for a long time and can handle all your printing needs. They are also laden with quality that has been Brother's trademark ever since the brand was created back in 1908. Ironically, the company was once a manufacturer of sewing machines, but seeing a greater expanse of needs in the household, they expanded their product list to include many other innovative products, which eventually led them to producing top-quality printers. The brand is also known as a highly innovative name.




25/08/2020: Canon Inkjet Printers are excellent for the Home Office


Top Canon printers leave nothing else to be desired; they already offer consumers with the best of everything important for printers. Canon is one of the greatest names in the world, not only in the printing arena, but in the entire industry of innovative technology solutions products. Canon has a wide range of products, and in each product segment, the brand has managed to achieve brand leadership and maintain an unsurpassed reputation of quality. Now, Canon offers cameras, scanners, camcorders, camera lenses, and printers, which shows that the company has indeed come a long way since they first started out in 1936. Consumers looking for any of these products get relieved and assured once they find a Canon product that fits their needs. And when it comes to printers, Canon's excellence is undeniable.


Printers from Canon produce the finest-quality prints possible. That's what you can expect from a Canon product when you buy one. Canon is one of the most innovative and most advanced companies especially in terms of printing technology. The company boasts of countless printers, each one meticulously designed to bring answers to your pressing printing needs. But since all their models have the highest-ranging specifications, you surely won't be disappointed with your purchase as long as you buy a Canon product. You certainly have a wide range of products to muse upon, starting with high-speed laser printers for monochrome and color printing. They also have special inkjet printers for professional photo printing such as their Pixma Pro professional printers. And you're working within a budget, you can still avail of these great products. Canon caters to various budget ranges, with their regular printers between $79 to $249 and their high-technology printers at $499 to $849. Canon also has their own all-in-ones to compete with other multi-purpose printers offered by other brands.

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